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Established in 2023, Prodigy Training is the first independent aviation and simulator instruction Center in West and Central Africa. The 4-Bay Full Flight Simulator Training Centre provides a regional response to Africa's rapidly expanding aviation industry by providing training solutions to Airlines and Commercial Pilots on ANAC, EASA, NCAA, GCAA and CCAA approved simulators.

MPS FTD Simulator Cockpit
B737 Classic Simulator
Boeing B737 Classic Simulator
E135 145 Simulator
Flight Simulators
Additional bays for hosting

Additional Aviation Training

Prodigy Training in additional to being a Simulator Training Centre for Pilots also supports airlines and African aviation stakeholders with a wide array of courses

Cabin Crew Training
Aviation Management Courses
Aviation Safety Courses
Open to further course stakeholder discussions

Stakeholder Association

Prodigy Training will look to work with the following stakeholder association to provide world-class training to a diverse range of customers

European Aviation Safety Agency
African Airline Association
Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority
Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority
Offer ICAO Training Plus Programs

and other African CAA’s to provide world-class training to a diverse range of customers.

About Us

Prodigy Training is an initiative launched by Prodigy Avia Solutions, a renowned African aviation consultant organization, in collaboration with partners worldwide. The development of the Project got underway in April 2020 as a direct response to worldwide pandemic limitations and requests from the regional African aviation industry. Since that time, numerous stakeholders have endorsed the Project. The Prodigy Training Center is the first completely independent aviation and simulator training facility in West and Central Africa.

To meet the need for safe and dependable air transportation, acquiring both new aircraft and highly trained human capital will be necessary. This is despite the fact that there is already a shortage on a global scale. Because of our exceptional location in a region with a rising need for air travel, one of our primary objectives is to increase the potential of the sector as a whole. We aim to provide pilot training services to airlines and individual pilots by using training simulators based on Boeing, Airbus, and Embraer aircraft types. In addition, we plan to offer additional relevant courses for aspiring aircraft technicians, cabin crew members, and aviation managers.


15+ Airlines have signed up to use the training centre

African Airlines Association (AFRAA) has endorsed and supports the development of the training centre

Governments have endorsed and support the project

Regional Financial backers have been secured in 2023

Strategic Partnership with European Aviation Training Organization has been formalized

Simulator Equipment Partnership secured in 2023




Captain Idriss M. Chedjou is the founder of Prodigy Avia Solutions, a renowned aviation consultancy providing strategic support and management expertise to governments, Airlines, airports and institutions across Africa and Europe. Prodigy Avia Solutions is based in London with representation in Nigeria, Senegal and Cameroon. Prior to founding Prodigy Avia Solutions, Captain Idriss held different management positions in Arik Air, one of the leading African airlines operating more than 25 aircrafts at its peak. He flew internationally on both Boeing and Airbus fleets. Under Prodigy, Idriss runs a team of aviation professionals dedicated to unlocking the continent's full potential. Within just 3 years of operations, Prodigy Avia Solutions has successfully run aviation operations in West and Central Africa and gearing up to become a lead advisory company in the Air Transport sector within Africa. Captain Idriss holds several aviation degrees from The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and a BSc (Hons) in Air Transport Management from City University of London. He is currently doing an MBA in Air Transport Management. He is also the co-founder of Barakat Limited, a leading oil and gas support company in Cameroon and the Republic of Congo.



Sam has vast experience in international aviation and global logistics gained from nearly two decades in the global airline industry. He was Country Manager (Cameroun) for Kenya Airways/KLM where he led the turnaround of the business by reopening the operations, increasing capacity and revenue by multiple folds, thereby gaining #1 market share for the airline in the country. In 2007, he was appointed Area Vice President (Europe & USA), based in London, where he was responsible for managing revenues of over $300 million and represented the airline on the SkyTeam Alliance board. Sam holds a BA in History & International Relations from Lagos State University and has attended various executive management programs at Université de Paris, Harvard Business School and Columbia Business School. Besides English, Sam is fluent in French and has a working knowledge of Spanish. Sam is also the Chairman of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Nigeria.



Maximilian Buerger is Managing Director of AFM –a global leading pilot training industry market intelligence platform and advisory firm for pilot training stakeholders. Having a professional background in Private Equity and Investment Banking, Maximilian shifted into the aviation industry through working for over five years with an investment firm and growing its portfolio of pilot training businesses from initially training less than a hundred pilots per year to training over six hundred. Currently, he oversees the group’s three office locations in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East and leads a team that supplies over 9,000 aviation industry stakeholders with weekly industry updates.



Dick van Druten co-founded Kylla in 2002 by combining his pioneering mid-90s’ experience as an internet entrepreneur with his time as a partner at incubator investor Apex Ventures. Dick has led investments in, and served as a director, of numerous Kylla portfolio companies and clients, and is a specialist in structuring cross border corporate transactions. Dick studied commercial economics at the University of Professional Education in ‘sHertogenbosch, The Netherlands, and is the former chairman of the Dutch Corporate Finance Association. He is also the proud father of two teenagers and happily married to a very special lady, who has supported him unconditionally throughout his entrepreneurial career. Dick is a passionate golfer and is constantly, though unsuccessfully, trying to lose weight through fitness training and running.



Jay heads Kylla’s office in London. She began her career in debt and restructuring, after which she set up and ran a number of successful ventures in the hospitality and events industries for ten years. In addition, Jay has sat on the board of directors of a number of companies whose focus was on achieving operational growth. This variety and shared business experiences enable her to empathize with and understand the challenges of fellow entrepreneurs. Outside work, Jay is passionate about politics and environmental issues, entertaining, running and keeping fit.

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